5th March 2017



with Dr Jaime Jackson BVSc CCRT 

on Sunday, 5th March 2017

Where:  Adamstown Public School,

1A Bryant Street, Adamstown

Primal Paws offers a series of canine conditioning seminars, that will introduce you to the core concepts of canine conditioning. Primal Paws Foundations will teach you how to assess your dog, how to make sure it has knows how to use it body and how to use exercises and active stretching to keep your dog feeling awesome. 

There are two seminars being run on 5th March

Foundations 1

Foundations one is the start of your canine conditioning journey. You'll learn about how to assess your dog so you know how they are doing, and can catch issues before they turn into big problems.  

You'll learn about proprioception. Which is a fancy word for body awareness. Find out, if your dog knows where it's body is and how it keeps it there. You'll also learn ways to improve your dog’s proprioception so that they can move safety through life.

You'll learn about active stretching. Active stretches are stretches where you move into them rather than static stretches. They are a safer and more awesome way of stretching. 

Foundation strength work. Learn the basic exercises to get your dog strong and keep them that way. A set of safe, easy to do exercises that you can use to keep your dog strong throughout their life. 

Foundations 2
Foundations two builds on what you (and your dog) learned in Foundations 1. 

You'll learn about anatomy and how that effects your dog. This will give you an even better understanding of your dog and allow you to assess your dog better.  

We'll also cover more advanced stretching and strength exercises. A more advanced set of exercises that you can use to keep your dog fit and strong. 

You'll learn about warm up and cool down and why it is important and how to do it properly.

Finally we will cover massage and the use of hot and cold packs to make you puppy feel awesome all the time. 

Who is Primal Paws?

Dr Jaime Jackson - BVSc CCRT 

Dr Jaime has been actively involved in dog sports and training humans and their dogs for the past decade 

Jaime's dogs have Championships, Flyball, Herding, Obedience and Endurance titles and have also participated in Rally O, Tracking and Agility. They also keep her company around the house and keep her feet warm at night.

This unique background gives her the real life understanding of the physical requirements we place on our dogs and how to capture their full potential and ensuring both you and your dogs have fun. 

Jaime has travelled internationally to study rehabilitation and conditioning and completed her Certificate in Canine Rehabilitation Therapy in the USA. She has also interned in Sweden, Finland and the USA in rehab practices. 

This year she also complete her Fear Free Certification. 


Seminars run for 2.5 hours.  30 minutes is dedicated to questions.
Each seminar has 8 working spots and 8 auditors per seminar. 

Cost:  $100 for a working spot  (the same dogs cannot work both seminars)

 $50 for an auditor ($100 for both seminars)

Foundations 1 Starts at 9.30am

Foundations 2 Starts at 1.30pm

Please complete the registration form.  If you apply for a working position we will contact you for further details.

Your position is only guaranteed on receipt of payment.





31st March, 1st & 2nd April, 2017

VENUE:  Federation Building, Castle Hill Showground, Doran Drive, Castle Hill NSW 2154

COST:  $360 for 3 days, Single days $150

REGISTRATION:  Please complete the Seminar Registration form and forward to: 
Margaret Keast jigsawdogs@bigpond.com

or mail to          

Jigsaw Dogs,

6 Arundel Place, Valentine NSW  2280 

Seating is limited and registrations will be accepted in order of receipt.                       

About the seminar

The Bob Bailey Tour Down Under affords attendees a rare opportunity to learn from a world renowned animal trainer.  This 3-day seminar program is jam-packed with speaking and practical sessions hosted by Bob. Informative topics include: a history of animal training, the principles of animal training and the biology behind them, teaching animal training, and effective training. Practical sessions will provide attendees with the chance to witness the progress of behaviour change for several different animal/ handler teams under Bob’s tutelage. Please note that speaking and practical components remain subject to change, while practical sessions will be dependent on animal availability and their willingness to participate in our education.



Biography of Dr. Robert E. (Bob) Bailey



I describe myself as a behavioral-systems analyst and engineer, small-businessman, field biologist, animal trainer, and teacher, not necessarily in that order.  

My early years in the 1940s were spent trekking the Southern California desert collecting and studying animals. At UCLA (B.S. Biology and Chemistry) in the 1950s, I was a teaching and research assistant, studying animals in the Southwestern USA and Mexico, SCUBA diving for California Fish and Game, and surfing the California beaches. My behavior conditioning (training) experience at UCLA included crows, coyotes, and kangaroo rats in the wild, and captive cephalopods, amphibians, fishes, and reptiles.


After the US Army, I was a biochemist, (UCLA School of Medicine), and a Field Biologist (California Department of Fish and Game). I then became the US Navy Marine Mammal Program’s first Director of Training at Pt. Mugu, California, and conducted the Navy’s first open-ocean program.

In 1965 I joined Animal Behavior Enterprises (ABE), in Hot Springs, Arkansas. In 1943, Keller and Marian Breland founded ABE as the first commercial enterprises using B.F. Skinner’s then newly described operant conditioning.  Keller Breland died in 1965. In 1968, I became ABE’s General Manager and Chief Operating Officer. ABE’s business was worldwide in scope, and I directed the activities of 50 full-time and 50 part-time employees.


Marian Breland and I married in 1976. ABE was at the forefront of developing and employing various behavioral and hardware technologies when training animals and teaching animal trainers for commerce, zoological parks, the military and police, and other governmental agencies. ABE produced animal shows for major theme parks, created TV commercials (Buck Bunny, the banking rabbit is the longest running animal commercial in USA), and trained animals for theatrical productions.  ABE personnel trained over 140 species and more than 15,000 individual animals.  

ABE continued operations until 1990, when we closed our doors. Marian and I continued to teach. Marian died in 2001. I have continued to teach and consult for companies and government agencies worldwide.

I was awarded the Doctor of Science Degree (Sc.D. with full academic rank, equivalent to Ph.D.) from the University of Central Arkansas in 2013 for my work in physics, chemistry, biology and psychology, and for my research and development of training programs and hardware for biological systems.

3 - Day Program                

HISTORY OF ANIMAL TRAINING How did we get to where we are, and why did it take us so long?

THE PRINCIPLES AND PROCEDURES OF ANIMAL TRAINING Introduction to the Matching Law Basic Principles

THE BIOLOGY BEHIND THE PRINCIPLES Mother Nature has been “training” animals for billions of years. Why are reinforcement and punishment such effective mechanisms for changing behaviour? 

TEACHING ANIMAL TRAINING Is teaching trainers much different from training animals? 

Think! Plan! Do! More on Matching Law

EFFECTIVE TRAINING Trained behaviour is a product! The Matching Law revisited and applied

PRACTICAL SESSIONS WITH BOB Trainer and Animal Demonstration