Don't Let His Behaviour Get You Down; Jigsaw Dog Training Can Help

At Home Service

Every dog and every situation is different so we aim to cover all possibilities.

Jigsaw Dogs will visit you and work with you and your dog at home. Some dogs (and handlers) find this approach more relaxing and less threatening, and progress quicker on a one-to-one basis.  We visit you and work with you and your dog at home. Some dogs (and handlers) find this approach more relaxing and less threatening than a class, and progress quicker on a one-to-one basis.

The initial consultation is usually 1.5 to 2 hours long after which you will have a clearer idea of the issues to hand, how to deal with them and a training outline to implement.  This consultation includes handouts and with follow up email and phone support included if needed.  Follow up consultations are usually one hour in length. 

Day Training:  This is designed to help your dog train faster.  A great option for busy families or dog owners who work full time.  Let me do the hard work for you!  

This is the option you want if you desire a well behaved, calm dog that listens well at home and when there are distractions but you just don't know how or have the time to put the work into those foundations so needed by our dogs.  This can also help with leash aggression, socialisation issues, barking or anxiety.  Your dog will be trained in a variety of locations.  

If you're interested in Day Training ring and we can discuss options.  

Travel:  Jigsaw Dogs does travel.  Appointments that are further that 45mins travel will incur an additional $10 travel fee.  


Social Agility / Obstacle Course

This is a class where fun is the name of the game.  You and your dog make your way through our challenging obstacle course!  This really is a team effort – dog and owner working together to correctly manoeuvre through the course. Can you and your dog make it to the end in record time? 

Canine Nosework  

Suitable for all dogs, including reactive dogs, dog aggressive dogs, resource guarders, dogs with disabilities and limited mobility.  This class is also suitable for humans with limited mobility!  Send me an email now to register your interest!

Doggie Playgroup

Want your doggie to meet and play with other doggie friends?
Come to our doggie play groups! Dog training using play!


Interested in any of the classes?  Send me an email to find out details!!





Call us today on 0403 676 047 if you have any questions, and we will talk you through the options.

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