Dedicated pet services in Newcastle

At Jigsaw Dog Trainning & Behaviour Consultancy, we aim to provide the highest quality customer service and pet care to all our clients.


Dog training is all about understanding and communication. There are no hidden secret mystical answers, but instead it comes down to the handler listening, watching and learning, and thinking like a dog instead of a human. With this new-found knowledge, you then must learn to communicate effectively with your dog.



Jigsaw Dog Training and Behaviour Consultancy believes in working with our dogs compassionately and humanely, using operant conditioning with the focus on positive reinforcement. By constantly rewarding for a job well done, instead of punishing for an act we consider bad, we improve the learning of our dogs rapidly and harmoniously.

In this manner we increase the dog's understanding of which behaviour patterns get a reward, be it a titbit, praise, his favourite toy, or a chance to play. In this way, we feedback on what we consider acceptable behaviour.

Eventually your dog will behave in the acceptable manner without the need for treats, but the occasional reward will reinforce the behaviour long term.



Although we work with positive reinforcement as opposed to punishing for bad behaviour, we encourage discipline at all times. Training is about finding the joy, the desire, the motivation in working with your dog.  Finding a way to engage and train with enthusiasm and gets both dog and owner on the same page and ready to keep training, developing great habits, not just at home but when out and about. 

There are many ways to train dogs, but our main priority is keeping our dogs feeling emotionally engaged and happy.  Jigsaw Dogs strives to keep your dog happy and safe at all times, with clear communication between handler and dog.  A dog that is too aroused, angry, frightened or bored is difficult to train.  We do not use equipment or methods that hurt or threaten a dog but rather things the dog might find value in such as praise, food, play, games, sniffing. 

Dog training is about developing respect in the relationship, working together as a partnership, and understanding the capabilities of our dogs.  It's important to put value on training and educating our dogs, working towards development and acquisition of skills, knowledge, and habits for both dog and handler.  



Whatever your challenge, we will work with your and your dog in a sensitive and encouraging manner and we will teach you how to carry on the work when we have gone. Call us now on 0403 676 047 to get started.

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